Développement durable

Sustainability has played an important role in Gorman-Rupp's strategy since 2017. We are continually developing products and services that not only diminish our own environmental impact but also assist our customers in accelerating their sustainability strategies. We call this "where blue meets green." Blue has been Gorman-Rupp's signature color since 1933, symbolizing our rich history of knowledge and experience. By using this phrase, we highlight our commitment to integrating this legacy with our sustainable, or "green," ambitions. So, it's where blue meets green. While we still have progress to make, we've made a promising start. Below are some of our initiatives:

CO2 Performance Ladder

Gorman-Rupp Europe BV's energy policy is geared towards ensuring that our daily operations for our customers are conducted in an environmentally friendly, effective, efficient, and economical manner. Our goal is always to meet the requirements and expectations set by our clients. We strive to conserve energy in our processes and minimize CO2 emissions wherever possible.

E-Line Electrically Driven Mobile Pump Sets

A growing number of mobile pump sets come with an electric motor. Gorman-Rupp pioneered a fully integrated solution where electrically driven pump sets can be connected to a standard construction power outlet, a mobile battery pack, or even an existing car charging station. This is innovation at its best!

Clean Diesel Technology that Saves Up to 89% CO2

All our diesel-driven pump sets are fitted with the latest stage V engines, ensuring cleaner operations. But we've gone a step further! Our newest pump sets are compatible with HVO diesel, a non-fossil fuel that guarantees a CO2 reduction of up to 89%.

Energy Neutral Building

Our office on Zandweistraat in Waardenburg boasts a solar power installation, rendering us electrically energy neutral. Throughout the year, we produce more energy than we consume, feeding the surplus back into the grid.

Peel Pioneers

As a part of our "Where Blue Meets Green" sustainability program, we are constantly launching new initiatives to realize our green aspirations. For instance, our building is now cleaned with products from Peel Pioneers, crafted from previously discarded waste streams that are now being utilized in a beneficial manner.


Sustainability is gaining prominence in our day-to-day operations. We have begun transitioning to Fairphone mobile phones. Our first set of these phones is already in use and the feedback has been encouraging. These might seem like small steps, but collectively they play a significant role in our overarching "Where Blue Meets Green" sustainability strategy.