The final phase of the EU ecodesign regulations (EU) 2019/1781, which impose stricter requirements on the energy efficiency of electric motors, comes into force on 1 July 2023. This means that motors between 75 kW and 200 kW sold in the EU must achieve an energy efficiency level equivalent to IE4.

Get ready for the new requirements
When offering electric-driven pump sets with a drive power between 75 kW and 200 kW and a final destination within the EU, make sure you offer those with the premium efficiency IE4 motors.

Emphasise total cost of ownership
IE4 motors are more expensive than motors with lower energy efficiency, which will affect the price of the pump sets. In such cases, it may be an advantage to place greater emphasis on the total cost over the entire lifetime of the product. Due to the lower energy consumption, an application with an IE4 motor will pay back a higher initial purchase price relatively quickly.

Add VFD equipment
In addition to the motor's energy-saving properties, it is also possible to add VFD equipment for speed regulation and sensors for motor monitoring. This will optimize the energy efficiency of the applications.

Ask Gorman-Rupp for advice
Contact us if you are in any doubt as to how the new Ecodesign requirements will affect your product design, framework agreements, inventory needs, or similar.